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Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

Advice from the experts on the 2018 cross country course

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At this year’s Mitsubishi Motors Cup competitors were lucky enough to have four opportunities to walk the cross country courses with top riders and BE Accredited Coaches.

Four star competitor and Young Rider European team gold medallist Tom McEwen kicked things off on Monday afternoon before BE Master Coaches Nick Gauntlett and Yogi Breisner took a group each on a tour of the BE90 and BE100 courses on Tuesday. Two-time Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials CCI4* winner and Mitsubishi Motors Ambassador Mary King took the final course walk on Tuesday afternoon and here were share some of their invaluable advice for anyone taking on the 2018 James Willis designed cross country courses.

Fence 4 The Eclipse Cross
Nick Gauntlett: “Nice profile fence, make sure you smile at this fence!”

Fence 5 Wold Horse Welfare Houses
Nick Gauntlett: “This is the first test on the course. Slow down and keep the power as horses will see the water on the other side.”

Tom McEwen: “A forward positive canter and make sure you keep straight going into the water when you have jumped number six.”

Fence 7a and b Wadworth at the Lake
Nick Gauntlett: “Keep power through the water. Don’t turn too early after this fence [7a]. Keep a rhythm and ride to the second element. Look between your horses ears.”

8 BHS Table
Nick Gauntlett: “Jump this fence in your stride. If you’ve had a good run up until this point this will be a good let up fence for your horse and if you’ve had a sticky time at the water this will give your horse some confidence.

Tom McEwen: “This is a nice fence to get them back into a rhythm after the water.”

Fence 9a and b KBIS Angles
Nick Gauntlett: “Jump the first part in a nice rhythm and keep your horse straight to the next.”

Tom McEwen: “Although this looks fairly difficult, in theory it is quite straight forward. Ride the first fence positively and open up your line towards the left hand side. This will give you a straight line to turn back right to jump elements b and c. Aim to jump the brush at the hip of the fence.”

Fence 10 Careers in Racing Bridge
Tom McEwen: “This isn’t as frightening as you all think it is, steady coming down the hill. Treat this as any normal fence, keep riding positive and enjoy the jump.

Fence 12 Devoucoux Ditch
Tom McEwen: “This fence is actually less of an angle than any other fences you would have already jumped. Just keep positive.”

Fence 13 Woodhouse Corner
Tom McEwen: “Be true to your line on the approach, use the hill to get your balance and ride forward. Remember to keep your body turning to the corner and be aware of the turn coming out.”

Fence 15 a, b, c Shogun Hollow
Tom McEwen: “The ‘S’ bend before this complex will drain your canter so make sure you are all up together. The initial part of the combination is inviting, have a forward bouncy canter, aim for the stump in the ground line, look up and keep your body back moving forwards to part b and c which will jump really nicely.”

View the full courses on the CrossCountry App HERE.