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Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

BE90 Cross Country rider comments

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The cross country continues to be influential this afternoon for the BE90 Championships at Badminton. A tearful Caitlin Dutton said of her clear BE90 round; “It was the BEST experience ever, it means the world to go clear, I’m so proud of her! I don’t think any event compares to this, everyone should be able to experience this especially the cross country!”

Rachel White said of her BE90 Championship cross country experience with ‘V Max’: “It was a wonderful experience and hopefully we will be back next year! It rode very well, challenging but I thought it was fair. It was good how they put the combinations on a turn so you had the chance to compose yourself. He hadn’t jumped a fence before a year ago as he was an Advanced dressage horse. I bought him as a valentines day present to myself because I am not very good at the dressage I thought I would that way”