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Guest blog – counting down the days

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Amy Dixon, the 2010 Mitsubishi Motors BE90 Grassroots Champion shares her final preparations for her return to Badminton in her latest bog:

So we are less than a week away from the Mitsubishi Motors Grassroots Championships where has the time gone!!!! Our preparation hasn’t exactly gone to plan, I was planning five runs before going to Badminton and have only managed one at Kelshall Hill due to the other Events sadly being abandoned or cancelled. Anyway, I’m not dwelling on it, can’t do anything about it now apart from ‘crack on’. Kelshall went well, my mare was nice and settled in the dressage for a  mark of 31, she then got a little excited half way round the showjumping and had two rails but flew round the cross country and felt amazing. I’ve worked a lot on her flat work over the winter and she definitely feels a lot stronger in her frame and more consistent in her work.

As Bradwall cancelled last sat I re-routed to do some British Showjumping classes at Northcote Manor. Now, I have to say, affiliated showjumping fills me with dread and I put off going at all costs if I can BUT I have to say it was quite enjoyable. Our performance was very calm and relaxed and Ruby jumped three clear rounds and came fourth. Lots of pats needed there!!!!!

We went to Somerford Park on Thursday (1st March) for our last cross country school with Andy Heffernan. We are all very excited to hear that he has been excepted this week into the CCI4*. I wish him loads of luck and will be there cheering him and all the other professional riders on over the weekend. Ruby was ace and seemed to be really loving the job and really keen which is a great feeling to take to Badminton.

After watching the course video, the course looks fair for a Championship track. I think it will cause a few problems here and there and will definitely take some very accurate riding in places. It is the opposite direction to when I won in 2010 so that will be interesting. One thing that has driven me to want to come back as a competitor is the chance to jump over the book with my name on! Hopefully Ruby and I will get that far, if so that sense of achievement will be massive.

Since last time I wrote, I have competed at the BD National Championship at elementary level on my 2010 Grassroots Championship ride ‘Toga’. She did a fab test and I was very proud of our 66% score. She has now got her points for the summer regionals and won her last outing with  70%. I would never have believed dressage could be so much fun, but I genuinely love it now. Nothing beats the thrill of galloping around the grounds of Badminton though!

So the next few days involve a dressage and show jump lesson and a trip to local riding club on Sunday to practice dressage on grass. Then we will be heading south on Monday and I will keep you updated through the week! Good luck to everyone going to Badminton,


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