Science Supplements Cup

Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

Lauren Allin: So it’s April and deadlines are here…

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I knew before this year began that this was going to be the toughest time for training before the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. All my projects seem to be ending at the same time so it’s a constant battle between wanting to ride and needing to work. Luckily it’s been Mum to the rescue and his flat schooling has been coming on no end. We managed to squeeze in a quick cross country session last Saturday, but that’s the last time I’ll sit on him before our first event at Norton Disney on the 9th. As soon as I break for Easter it’ll be constant trips back and forth before May!

Outside of horses my life revolves around shoes. Not bad things to spend your days around – shoes and horses. I’m currently in my second year studying footwear design at De Montfort Uni. I started uni a lot later than most people after spending a few years playing ponies, but once I got into footwear I knew its what I wanted to do. Once I finish my undergraduate degree I am currently really tempted to do a footwear biomechanics Masters degree. I’m as yet undecided what I want to do after uni but I’m tempted to possibly pursue something in equestrian footwear… we will see. Along with my study I am also Team Captain of the DMU Equestrian Team, which I love doing, last year we were lucky enough to go on a trip to Croatia to do a riding holiday, which was phenomenal! The girls on my teams are all really amazing and I take great pride in being their captain.

As well as Pogo (The Aviator) I also have an absolute superstar horse who started my eventing love. Finbarr superstar, as he’s known, is now 17 and retired from eventing but we now successfully compete at Medium British Dressage. Our main discipline however is side saddle, Last year me and Fin were placed 2nd in the country at the Nationals which was a huge achievement for us. Fin also had the lovely Ben Hobday have a go at side saddle aboard him this year at Blenheim Palace all for Willberry Wonder Pony and Bright Red. We do displays every year at Blenheim with the ‘A Bit On The Side’ display team and Pogo also goes ridden by Mum.

However right now it’s all about shoes with many deadlines looming, until Friday 7th, when me and Fin will be displaying at Aintree for Ladies Day and leading in the winner of the Topham Chase. We may even get on the telly so do keep an eye out if you’re watching the racing.