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Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

Lauren Allin: The season is nearly here!

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The season is nearly here! I’ve entered my first event and the countdown is nearly upon us for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. I should be celebrating like the rest of my fellow riders, however this time of year means one thing for me… deadlines.

Getting through the winter is especially hard when your riding days are limited as mine are, due to the workload I have from uni. I am so lucky to have my amazing Mum who does such a wonderful job with Pogo (The Aviator) to keep him fit and going well. I simply couldn’t do it without her. Which I realised when she went off for a well-earned holiday for two weeks! Queue the riding at midnight in the pouring rain, which I had to put poor Pogs through to be able to keep him in work. Okay so I’m exaggerating slightly, but its one of the downsides to not living a quick drive from the yard in the winter months, and I’m sure there are many of you like me who have to endure all elements at all hours in order to be prepared for the season!

On a brighter note the training I am getting in (when I can) is going fantastic. Having so little time to get Pogo out means that we have to plan everything we do with him in the run up to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, which to be honest is probably a good thing. I am trying to make every second my bum is in the saddle count. In order to do this whenever possible Mum is bringing Pogo up to a local venue, which is half way between home and me, so we can have a lesson with the amazing Caroline Moore.

We’ve had about three or four so far this winter and it feels like we are now flying! I’ve had lessons with Caroline a lot in the past but not with Pogo untill this winter and we have just gone from strength to strength. We do all kinds of wonderful exercises with raised poles to get him to work through his back into the contact, and then take that feel through into the jumping to try and keep him soft and elastic into his fences. We work on both show jumping and cross country style fences, trying to get both of our eyes in again after a quiet winter.

Just over a month of heavy uni work left till I can get my teeth properly sunk into this season, and I can’t wait!