Science Supplements Cup

Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

Message to all riders from the EHOA

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Dear Rider,

I am writing on behalf of The EHOA for Owners and Riders within our Sport.  We are undergoing an exercise to make sure All Owner Riders and Owners are aware there is a specific ‘body’ out there to represent them.

As you might or might not know the EHOA has worked tirelessly for 20 years to bring improvements to the owners lot, we have delivered hospitality at events, we have delivered higher recognition for owners at events, we have delivered training, we have worked with BE and the FEI on major issues for the sport and continue to champion the owner of the horses that are the bedrock of the sport.

We are targeting the individuals that ride their own horses as they particularly do not recognise themselves as Owners, we call them Owner Riders. For example, by being a member you receive a £15 training voucher that you can use with any BE trainer listed on their website either in an organised session or in an individual lesson. Members who ride at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup are also eligible for some additional prizes generously supported by Shearwater Insurance Services Ltd. The highest placed EHOA member in both the BE90 and BE100 Championship will receive a silver salva, £200 cheque, a jacket and rosette. The top six in both sections also receive a jacket and a rosette and all members that complete will also receive a rosette. Surely a reason to join just for these?! IF you would like to join the EHOA – PLEASE apply online by the end of the day on Thursday 25 April 2019 so we can process the application in time to be eligible for the EHOA prizes at the MMC.

Bonuses can also be had with the EHOA discount card as it entitles members to savings with various shop and organisations that are found on the eventing circuit. More details on the EHOA website. We also have a board member who sits on the BE Sports Committee, so if you have a particular issue within the Sport, we can easily raise it for you. However, we are not mind readers, so you do need to tell us!

More details can be found on the EHOA website and our membership secretary is always willing to answer questions. Please contact her directly on:

Thank you in advance for considering this and I look forward to seeing you out and about during the season.

Cathy Butler
Chairman of the EHOA