Science Supplements Cup

Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

Riding the 2017 Mitsubishi Motors Cup cross country course

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This year Mitsubishi Motors Cup riders have various opportunities to walk the cross country course with a host of BE Accredited Coaches and top riders. These experts include Yogi Breisner, Harry Meade, Tom McEwen and Nick Gauntlett, all of whom have offered their advice on how best to tackle both BE90 and BE100 tracks.

Today’s midday course walk saw many riders and their support groups turn up to hear Nick Gauntlett talk them through the course in the glorious sunshine. As a local International event rider and coach Nick is as qualified as any to provide the following top tips on how to produce a safe and successful round.

Approaching the first combination on the course, the Mirage Step – a step up to a set of rails: “Trot if you need to at fence 4a and keep your hands soft making sure that your horse can see the second part of the combination.”

After tackling fence five riders must cross a fairly narrow footbridge and Nick advises; “sit up, half halt, keep your leg on and keep coming!”

The Spillers Beam (below) at fence six sees an imposing rail set at the top of a slope; “Make sure that you have energy from behind and don’t tip onto your horse’s shoulder.  Although it may look daunting it will ride better than it looks.”

Fence eight, the Shogun Hollow, sees riders face three – a rail over a ditch to another rail: “Give your horse as much time to understand the question and wait with your body while keeping your leg on. Open your hands to create a funnel and channel your horse into the fence if you need to.”

Probably the most famous fence on the course, Wadworths at The Lake! Nick says; “Make sure that you have a short, bouncy canter. Water will sap energy so kick on into the bridle, don’t let them get long and flat.”

In front of the beautiful Badminton House just one piece of sound advice from Nick: “Smile, there’s bound to be a photographer at this fence so enjoy it!”

Both the BE90 and BE100 cross country courses can be viewed, with commentary from Emily King, HERE.