Science Supplements Cup

Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

The Best Birthday Present!

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Amy Smith Cross Country

Our 2019 BE season was fairly short and sweet last year due to having to balance many other things with my love of eventing. Despite this we managed our first win at BE90 at Shelford Manor, picking up a Regional Final qualification for the Science Supplements Cup, and returned to Shelford Manor in August for our Regional Final. It was also my birthday that day and Sherry delivered the present that money can’t buy by securing our place at the Championship at Badminton this year. She really is one in a million!

We’ve both taken a bit of a break over Winter with us starting our return to getting eventing fit back in December. Sherry isn’t your typical eventer. She is small and cobby and has to really work to cover the ground. That being said, she has the heart of a lion and I’ve never ridden a horse like her that will just give everything she has, every single time you ask her. We have to put in a lot of time to build her fitness, especially as we are based in Yorkshire so most of our local events are pretty hilly and need a good level of fitness, although it is all fantastic training ground for the long undulating cross country course we will face at Badminton!

Our early season preparations are now well under way although I’m still wishing the days away to when the clocks change so that we can get more hacking in to really boost her fitness to the levels she is going to need.

We are really lucky to have our local BE Accredited Coach Lisa Morris just a short drive away from our yard and we have set to work already on preparing for the championship.  Sherry is capable of great scores in the dressage but can be very hot when we go in to the competition arena so we have been working on this to help make sure we pick up every mark we possibly can. It’s a work in progress but definitely going in the right direction.

We are also lucky to have two BE venues nearby that put on some fantastic events to help prepare us for the season ahead. We’ve already been able to go cross schooling on grass and those feelings of “am I still brave enough to go eventing” that creep in over the Winter, quickly got lost as we both remembered just how much we both love cross country!

We had a go at express eventing last weekend to check we could still remember how to do all three phases in one day and are now thoroughly looking forward to our first BE event of the season which we have booked in Epworth and look forward to sharing our journey to Badminton with you all!