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Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

Yogi Breisner’s top tips to tackle the 2019 cross country course

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Fence 1
Jump out of the start box in a good, positive way. Sit up, land and push away from the fence straight away.
Fence 2
Have your horse in a nice rhythm and ride positively. If you horse puts in a big jump over the fence, slip the reins if you need to.
Fence 3

Keep your horse on a line. Both fences take you off the line to number four so make sure you get straight for fence four.

Fence 4

Get the right pace ahead of this fence. Have a short bouncy canter then push on before the step.

Fence 5

In the BE90 get your horse back in gear and motoring, keeping momentum. There is a sharp left after this fence.

BE100 riders should look to balance and sit up going down the slope, then push forward and jump.

Fence 6


Support your horse to cope with the undulations underfoot. Keep in balance.

Fence 7

This fence has three elements. Get your horse back to a short, bouncy canter. Your speed should go down but you should maintain energy. Let your horse figure out what to do. Fence six will give you a big jump so make sure you have re-balanced for fence seven.

Keep looking up and keep your leg on your horse so that he gets over the ditch and rail. Try to stay in balance over the first elements and keep pushing on. Land and kick away.

Fence 8

Keep your canter going in a rhythm.

Fence 9

If your horse was spooky at the ditch earlier, get a response after and come up square to the ditch.

Fences 10 and 11


Balance your horse when you come onto the road. Get your line and swap your stick over if you were worried about a run out at fence nine.

After fence 10, sit against your horse with your leg and pelvis forward and support his head as you go downhill. Get your line as you go down, ride the first fence, balance and jump the second.

Fence 12

Take time to find a nice stride. Help you horse and look after him.

Fences 13 and 14

Know your horse and angle these fences accordingly. Don’t worry too much about striding.

Fence 15

Enjoy this fence!

Fence 16a and b

You may need to make a bit of an S shape between these elements. The BE100 distance is shorter than the BE90 at a nice four forward strides.

Fence 17a and b


If your horse is hesitant about water make sure you encourage him beforehand. Use a short, bouncy canter over the fence and keep your momentum through the water. Get the turn and put yourself in a position to ride up the slope to the b element. Make sure you jump the correct fence!

Fence 18


Smile! This is the perfect photo opportunity.

Fence 19

Keep a rhythm and jump this fence smoothly.

Fence 20a and b

You’re not quite finished yet! This is a test of accuracy and you should be careful to control your horses shoulders.

Fence 21
This is the penultimate fence – you’re nearly home!
Fence 22

This is the final fence on the course, congratulations to all for completing!

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